Jamaica 1970

In Doubt About Climate Change?

I’ve heard – Rivers rising in the Himalayas nourish 20% of the earth’s people. I’ve heard – Himalayan glaciers feeding those rivers are receding at an alarming rate. Check out receding glaciers in… Continue reading

World News; Is Anybody Listening?

More bombs fall from the Asian sky – Oh, not again! I wonder why  The bad guys make another gain – The Dow today was pretty tame Disease creeps up on hungry kids… Continue reading

Montreal Greats

I grew up to tales of Great Depression challenges and deprivation, and have vague memories of troop trains bringing soldiers home from World War Two. In literature I have read stories and memoirs… Continue reading

Monasteries in Ladakh

Most of the monasteries in Ladakh are situated on the hilltop. The architecture and layout is a perfect mixture of Buddhist and Tibetan styles. Rich collection of Buddhist relics like thankas, murals, sculptures,… Continue reading

Himalayan Mountain Road


…AS NOTED IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF “NUBRA VALLEY ODYSSEY” Saw this in a shop window – had to buy it!

Victoria, B.C. Home of the World’s Tallest Totem Pole

Victoria’s totem pole in Beacon Hill Park is the world’s fourth-tallest totem pole, a 38.8-metre (127 ft) work carved by Kwakwaka’wakw craftsman Mungo Martin, and erected in 1956 and was when built, the world’s tallest.

The Leaf Blower

Minnie, an outspoken sixtyish widow, rents half of a duplex from Herman, a seventyish widower who occupies the other half. Over time, their landlord-tenant relationship has evolved into a probative friendship, albeit at… Continue reading


Parking Lot