Tale of the Bounty

Raging seas, moonlit ship’s wake, distant atolls,
alluring sirens, starlit tropical sky, a mission to find and
transplant breadfruit trees, and an intimidated crew;
this and an officer unable to tolerate interminable
abuse by a domineering captain – all part of the story of
one of the most infamous mutinies in maritime history.

Author’s Note 

Purists will find contradictions between this representation of the Bounty story and actual history. My verse version, first published in the boating publication News From the Bow in 2011, is based broadly on the novel Mutiny on the Bounty, the first book of the Nordhoff and Hall Bounty trilogy. It is inevitable that a poetic rendering, based in turn on a historical novel that in places opts for romance over hard historical fact, will deviate from textbook accuracy.

This account makes no attempt to tell of the Bounty’s fate after the mutiny (as in Nordhoff and Halls’ Pitcairn’s Island,) or the long-held record open-boat voyage by Captain Bligh and his loyal followers (as in Nordhoff and Halls’ Men Against the Sea.)

My thanks go to my book designer, Iryna Spica, for matching illustrations to the story. She relied in part on public domain material from the 1935 movie Mutiny on the Bounty. And to my artist friend Mary Anne Sander who breathed life into the illustrations with her colouring genius.

~ TH

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