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On the Baie Chaleur

In Shigawake – a few years ago

Nubra Valley Odyssey

The author traced his daughter Kate’s footsteps in the Nubra Valley.  

A Soldier’s Dread

I had a conversation with a young American soldier on an airplane forty years ago at a time when his countrymen were coming home from Vietnam in body bags. Out of a flight… Continue reading

Flying – Days of Yore

When I used to fly – in Jamaica

Nubra Valley Odyssey

Sand dunes at 10,000 feet, Himalayas, Nubra Valley.

Tales of the m/v Eastern Skies

Wild Atlantic storm

Tales of the m/v Eastern Skies

The Runic after decades of rusting on the reef. Extract from Tales of the m/v Eastern Skies.  Another freighter, the Runic, reputedly the largest refrigerator ship in the world at the time, smashed… Continue reading

Nubra Valley Odyssey

Speed Control System – Northern India


Built by my father c1946 (minus front porch & shed lean-to.) We lived there ‘til ’49. Mentioned in “Slab Town Memoir.” This photo c1992.